How to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most powerful windows verison, you can easy upgrade windows 7, 8 to windows 10. Before upgrade, you must be sure that your current windows OS is active. 

If your windows is not activated, try to purchare or key and back here later. Otherwise follow these steps to start your windows 10 upgrade.

Step 1: Download Media Creation Tool, go to and download it.

Step 2: After download finish, run "MediaCreationTool.exe"

Step 3: Check "Upgrade this PC now" then click "Next".

to this step, you need to wait untils progress done. A hot coffee is better right now.

Wait more...

....wait for checking updates.

Step 4: Check your options and click "Install" to start installing windows 10.

Your PC will restart several times, don't worry, have other coffee.

When you see this screen, your upgrade has been success. Press Next to start using windows 10 on your PC