Switch between the Start menu and Start screen in Windows 10

Your device will determine whether the Start menu or Start screen is the default option in the new version of Windows. On a PC, the Start menu will be turned on by default when you log into Windows 10. On a pure touch-screen device, such as a tablet, the Start screen will be the default.

To make the Start screen the default instead

Step 1:  click the Start button and then click the Settings command.

Step 2: At the Settings window, click the setting for Personalization.

Step 3: At the Personalization window, click the option for Start.

Step 4: In the right pane of the screen, you'll see a setting that says "Use Start full screen" that's currently turned off. Turn that setting on so the button turns blue and the setting says "On.

Step 5: Now click the Start button, and you should see the full Start screen.

If you want to change that to the Start menu. Just do the opposite.

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